Sweet Kabù Fruit Salad

This recipe gives Sweet Kabù the opportunity to shine in a sea of fruit. It counterbalances the tartness of the berries and rounds out a salad that could be shared at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Pr... …Read more

Stir Fry with Sweet Kabù

This vegetarian stir fry is full of healthy veggies, delicious flavor and can be endlessly modified.   Preparation: Prep Sweet Kabù by plucking green stems from vegetable. Thickly slice the Sweet... …Read more

Shredded Saku Saku Salad

We have a light, tangy salad recipe to try. It would be perfect served as a side salad or topped with some protein, like chicken or tofu. This one allows the texture and versatility of Saku Saku to... …Read more

Blog Crisp and Healthy, Saku Saku

Crunchy, crisp and refreshing, Saku Saku is arguably one of the most versatile vegetables in Japanese cooking. It's also one of the healthiest! It's important to understand the health benefits of the foods we put in our bodies, and we hope here at the Oishii Nippon Project that sharing this type of information will help you choose healthier options the next time you're thinking about what to grow in your garden or pick up from the market.  …Read more

Growing Tips Blog Harvesting: Zuccurì

Chris takes us to Beloian Farms in the Central Valley of California, an organic farm that grows Zuccurì. We will find out what to look for and learn how to detect when it is ready to harvest. 

…Read more
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