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Oishii (oy-shee) means "delicious," and Nippon (neep-pone) is one way of saying "Japan".

Established in 2018 by Tokita Seed Company, this project is dedicated to bringing high quality Japanese vegetables to fields and tables around the world.

For over 1000 years, the Japanese culinary tradition has highlighted the goodness and seasonality of carefully selected ingredients. Presented with balance, thoughtfulness, and care, each dish conveys a sense of harmony with nature.

Each seed we offer stems from this thoughtful approach. Carefully selected over decades by our plant breeding programs to bring you the highest quality—from seed to table.

Each vegetable that we eat comes from a seed.

The Oishii Nippon Project offers vegetable seeds steeped in Washoku culture for planting in your backyard or on your farm.

Prior to being shipped, each seed is tested in the field and subject to strict quality control. Our task is to offer the best quality seeds so that you can find high quality, fresh Japanese vegetables locally—from a nearby farm or your very own garden.

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Washoku is much more diverse and profound than now widely available sushi or ramen—so much so that it was designated as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2013.

Washoku has a strong emphasis on seasonal ingredients, balanced natural flavors, culinary technique and aesthetic presentation. A traditional Japanese family-style meal consists of rice and ichiju-sansai: three seasonal entrees and a soup. A more formal, multi-course meal, or kaiseki, involves multiple elegantly-presented seasonal dishes made from simple, yet exceptionally high-quality ingredients.


We believe the best foods are grown locally and enjoyed seasonally.

Eating locally-grown food reduces fossil fuel emissions by reducing transport, storage and packaging materials.

Seasonally-planted crops are rotated throughout the year, increasing soil fertility and promoting biodiversity.

Our non-GMO seeds are developed through traditional plant breeding methods, carefully selected over generations and crossed to combine new traits.

We are committed to promoting environmentally-sustainable production and cultivation of our seeds.

Brought to you by Tokita.

You may have tried Tokita vegetable varieties without realizing — for example, if you’ve ever enjoyed a sweet orange Sungold tomato. Tokita is a seed company based in Saitama, Japan, that aims to enhance our global food culture, connectivity, and health through delicious, productive vegetable varieties.

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