Tokita Seed Company

You may have tried Tokita vegetable varieties without realizing, if you’ve ever had Sun Gold tomatoes or Fioretto cauliflower. Tokita is a seed company based in Saitama, Japan, with a mission of enhancing our global food culture, connectivity, and health through delicious, productive vegetable varieties. Backed by over 100 years of vegetable expertise, the company continues to encourage new ideas and empower its global team to shape the future of vegetables.

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  • Oishii Nippon Vegetables

    For more than 1000 years, Washoku has represented the traditional Japanese culinary style based on the goodness and seasonality of raw materials, which are then cut and served on the plate with such skill as to become true works of art.

    Oishii Nippon vegetables, which translates to "delicious Japanese" vegetables, are essential to the taste and variation of Japanese food, and the longevity and health of the Japanese people.

  • Washoku

    Washoku is of course so much more diverse and profound than commonly found sushi and ramen – so much so that it was designated as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2013.

    Washoku has a strong emphasis on seasonal ingredients, balanced natural flavors, culinary technique and aesthetic presentation. A traditional Japanese family-style meal consists of rice and ichiju-sansai – three seasonal entrees and a soup. A more formal, multi-course meal, or kaiseki, involves multiple elegantly-presented seasonal dishes made from simple, but exceptional quality ingredients.