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Murasaki Fioretto

The long-awaited purple complement to Fioretto.

Brassica oleracea

Murasaki is the purple version of Fioretto – with bright purple florets atop long tender stems, this variety is captivating on its own or paired with Fioretto in a mixed package. Selected for uniformity, tender stems, flavor, and brilliant color. Production is similar to Fioretto.

Cooking with Murasaki Fioretto

Note that Murasaki holds its color well in cooking, and brightens to fuchsia in vinegar.

Much like Fioretto, these florets shine when sautéed or roasted to a golden brown, but can also be enjoyed raw in crudités.

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Growing Details


  • Transplanting required: Sow 1-2 seeds per cell into a 72-cell tray.
  • Ensure cells are completely filled to avoid air pockets.
  • Sow seeds 1/4" deep and cover gently. Avoid pressing firmly as compaction can cause difficulty transplanting.
  • Thin to one plant per cell once established.
  • Over-watering can create a crust-like soil layer, preventing germination. Maintain soil moisture through germination.


  • Check for readiness 30-35 days after germination by gently pulling on the base of the stem to see if roots are established and the soil is held together. 
  • Transplant to 12-18" spacing, with 18–24” between rows.  


  • Harvest when days days to maturity is reached and stems have elongated to 4+".
  • Cut the base of the head and remove remaining smaller stems from the main stalk. 


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