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The crunchy, sweet summer snack on a uniquely easy-to-grow plant.

Cucumis sativus

This variety was developed to offer the flavor and crispness of Japanese cucumbers with an easy-to-grow, single-stem architecture. Many Japanese cucumbers are multi-stemmed, requiring steadfast attention to manage the many side shoots. Natsu – meaning “summer” – brings the high quality of the deep green, thin-skinned Japanese cucumbers with the ease of summer.

Natsu Cucumber is also parthenocarpic, meaning that it will set fruit even without pollination and can be grown indoors.

Cooking with Natsu

Eat as you would other cucumbers, in salads or cut for snacking (especially paired with miso or mayonnaise). Natsu is ideal for pickles and Sunomono, Japanese vinegar pickles. At Natsu-matsuri (summer festivals), it’s traditional to snack on a whole pickled kyuri (cucumber) on a stick. Try slicing very thin and notice how they maintain their crisp eating quality.

Growing Details

  • Suitable temperature for germination: 80-85℉
  • Suitable temperature for growing: 70-80℉
  • Soil pH: 6.0-7.5
  • Days to maturity: 50-60 days from sowing
  • Disease resistance: Ccu, Co, Psl, Pcu, Px, CCA, ZYMV, CMV, WMV, PRSV
  • Trellising recommended


  • Direct Seeding: Sow 1-2 seeds 1/2" deep at 8"-12" spacing, with 18" between rows. Keep moist until germination. Thin to one plant per 8" once established. Thin to one plant at first true leaf.
  • Transplanting: Ensure cells or pots are completely filled to avoid air pockets by pressing down gently. Sow 1-2 seeds per cell into a 72-cell tray, 1/2" deep and cover. Press gently and water in well. Thin to one plant at first true leaf.

If transplanting: Check for transplant readiness 30-35 days after germination by gently pulling on the base of the stem to see if roots are established and the soil is held together. Transplant to 12" spacing, with 18” between rows.  


  • Add string or net trellising and continue to tie or clip plants to support as needed.
  • Remove leaves appropriately for airflow.


  • Harvest when the fruit reaches 8-9" in length, about 1" thickness.
  • Adding fertilizer helps to lengthen the harvest window.


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