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Tender Grilled Negi

Sep 19, 2023

The simplest way to enjoy Negi is by grilling it with oil, salt and pepper until delectably tender. Perhaps you have ...

Meet the Farmer - Suzuki Farm

Sep 14, 2023

How one farmer’s mission to grow Japanese produce in the United States, became one of the most renowned Japanese Farms in the Eastern US.

Growing Tips: Saku Saku

Jul 24, 2023

Sweet and oblong shaped, this Japanese brassica can grow up to 14 inches in diameter with big leaves, shallow veins, and a delicate texture that provides a crisp, delicious bite ideal for creating fresh salads and livening up wraps and katsu. In fact, Saku Saku in Japanese means crispy!

Crisp and Healthy, Saku Saku

Jul 24, 2023

Crunchy, crisp and refreshing, Saku Saku is arguably one of the most versatile vegetables in Japanese cooking. It's also one of the healthiest! It's important to understand the health benefits of the foods we put in our bodies, and we hope here at the Oishii Nippon Project that sharing this type of information will help you choose healthier options the next time you're thinking about what to grow in your garden or pick up from the market. 

Shredded Saku Saku Salad

Jul 24, 2023

We have a light, tangy salad recipe to try. It would be perfect served as a side salad or topped with some protein, l...

Transplanting Saku Saku

Jul 24, 2023

You've successfully sown your Saku Saku and seen them sprout out of their seed coats, or maybe you've bought cabbage seedlings at your local farm or garden center – what's next? We are sharing some tips for transplanting your baby cabbage plants into the ground.  

Saku Saku Dip Salad

Jul 24, 2023

A simple recipe, perfect for your first experience of fresh Saku Saku cabbage. Feel the fresh “Saku Saku” sensation as you bite into this sweet, juicy, crispy cabbage with four different flavors!

The Many Types of Negi

Apr 11, 2023

Is Negi the same as scallions, or green onions? How are they related to Leeks? How many types of Negi are there? “Negi” can be a confusing term as it is used to describe a few different types of Allium fistulosum. When translated, Negi becomes “green onion”, but this doesn’t work too well when you dig deeper.

Are Negi the same as Leeks?

Mar 29, 2023

These little black seeds might look similar to onion or leek, but they contain the genetic ingredients for the succulent, hollow leaves and long white stalks of Long Negi.While related, Negi is a different species from its Allium cousins – A. fistulosum is characterized by its non-bulbing nature and hollow green tops. 

Shishimai Sowing Tips

Mar 7, 2023

Depending on where you are in the world, Shishimai is generally sown indoors in the winter, in preparation to sow outside once the weather warms.  Here are a few tips to get your Shishimai off to a great start.

Fruit Logistica 2023 – Thank you, Berlin!

Feb 21, 2023

We were so grateful to attend this year's Fruit Logistica event at Messe Berlin, and share the story of the Oishii Ni...

Setsubun | 節分: the start of spring

Feb 3, 2023

According to the groundhog, we still have a few more weeks of winter left, but according to the lunar calendar, February 3rd marks the end of winter. This day is known as Setsubun | 節分, translated as "seasonal division". 


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