Grilled Teriyaki Shishimai Skewers– Featured Post –

Growing Tips Blog Harvesting: Shishimai

Chris takes us to Tomatero Farms in Watsonville, California where they are growing organic Shishimai peppers. Their process is organic, over plastic and under hoophouses. Chris explains how and when to harvest Shishimai and gives us some pointers for getting the most from our plants.

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Blog How To Grill A Quick Shishimai and Negi Appetizer

Shishimai, our shishito pepper has a bright, rich flavor making it a perfect for barbeques. Paired with the mild, earthy flavor of Negi, our bunching onion, we have flavor, texture and crowd-pleasing aromatics. This easy appetizer provides some crunch and fun at any lunch or dinner activity.  In the video below, Chris walks us through a simple way to blister these veggies, preferably on a warm summer day with a beer in hand. Enjoy!

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Growing Tips Blog Transplanting: Fioretto and Shishimai 

In this article, Chris explains his methods for transplanting Fioretto and Shishimai seedlings into home gardens and fields. He points out important considerations such as when to transplant, soil and irrigating. …Read more

Recipes Grilled Teriyaki Shishimai Skewers

This recipe makes for a great side dish or appetizer to impress your friends and family at your next barbecue. …Read more

Growing Tips Growing Tips: How to Plant Your Seeds from ONP

The Oishii Nippon Project is teaching people around the world how to sow, grow, harvest, and cook delicious Japanese vegetables at home, in community gardens and in your local farms near you. In this video, we talk about some of the best practices around how to sow your vegetable seeds, grow the transplants, knowing when your seedlings are ready for transplant, and more. …Read more
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