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shishimai, the yakatori pepper

Tapa de Shishimai

A delightful, salty, savory appetizer to pair with any meal. This easy recipe is a great way to use up your peak season abundance. 


  1. Trim calyx (stem) into roughly even lengths. IMPORTANT: Poke small holes into each Shishimai, using a fork, toothpick or knife. This is an important point for safety, as the peppers can explode during the cooking process (as a result of heat expanding the air inside). Pat with a paper towel to dry.
  2. Heat frying oil to 350°F.
  3. Fry Shishimai for 15-30 seconds. Shishimai cooks quickly, so don’t over fry! After taking them out of the deep frying pan, spread it over a paper towel and take out the excess oil.
  4. Sprinkle with flaky salt while still hot. Squeeze lemon over the dish and serve.

Alternatively, you can sauté Shishimai in oil in a pan. Allow them to cook on one side before shaking the pan to flip. Again, avoid overcooking as they do blister quickly. Add your flaky salt and lemon, and enjoy. 

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