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Growing Tips: Sweet Kabù

Growing Tips: Sweet Kabù

Learning how to grow this brassica is very satisfying as almost the entire plant can be eaten (and is delicious in traditional Japanese dishes!) In addition to a juicy, pure-white root, Sweet Kabù has edible leaves/foliage and stem which pickle well. It is grown seasonally throughout the fall, winter, and spring months.


Directly sowing Sweet Kabù seeds is the best option. Seeds should be sown two inches apart, and less than one-quarter of an inch deep into the soil, keeping the seed very close to the top of the substrate. 

While germinating, avoid overwatering and keep the soil moist yet soft, so that the seed can push through the surface without facing a hard crust.


There is no transplanting required with Sweet Kabù!


Once the plants have germinated and the first true leaves have formed, it's good practice to start moving back your watering schedule to two to three days a week, allowing the Kabù’s tape root to search for water and promote elongation in the plant’s crown as it starts to grow more foliage. 

For the best quality foliage (stem), it's advised to keep the plant covered using a white canopy to prevent any insect damage.


Once your Sweet Kabù reaches two inches in diameter, it is ready for harvest. 

You should be able to check this easily as the turnip bulb should be visible above the soil’s surface if you’ve planted them at the correct depth.

Gently pull plants from the soil using only your hands by getting a firm grip low on the stalk where the turnip bulb and stem meet. Rinse off any soil and it's ready to serve!

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