Crisp and Healthy, Saku Saku

Crunchy, crisp and refreshing, Saku Saku is arguably one of the most versatile vegetables in Japanese cooking. It's also one of the healthiest!

Saku Saku provides a tasty way to easily consume important vitamins like vitamin U, which aids in digestion and a healthy gut, as well as vitamin C, which offers a number health benefits from a healthier heart to a boosted immune system. 

When compared to other vegetables (including other leafy greens) Saku Saku has a higher content of calcium which is important for strong bones, muscle movement, and nerves carrying signals. Additionally, this tasty cabbage contains isothiocyanate which is a detoxifying and cancer-preventive compound often found in cruciferous (edible members of the cabbage family) vegetables.

This vegetable has been found to induce similar effects as dexamethasone, a compound used to resolve arthritis, blood/hormone disorders, allergic reactions, skin diseases, eye problems, breathing problems, bowel disorders, cancer, adrenal gland disorder, and immune system disorders. This makes Saku Saku a delicious alternative to prescribing medication. 

Did we say delicious? Yes! Not only is Saku Saku very tasty, but it's easy to prepare and can even be consumed uncooked. In fact, eating Saku Saku raw allows for the maximum amount of health benefits and vitamin absorption. 

It's important to understand the health benefits of the foods we put in our bodies, and we hope here at the Oishii Nippon Project that sharing this type of information will help you choose healthier options the next time you're thinking about what to grow in your garden or pick up from the market. 


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