Shredded Saku Saku Salad

We have a light, tangy salad recipe to try. It would be perfect served as a side salad or topped with some protein, like chicken or tofu. This one allows the texture and versatility of Saku Saku to shine. Eating it raw allows for maximum absorption of its nutrients such as Vitamins U and A. 


    1. Slice 1/2 head of Saku Saku in half. Remove core and slice thinly to shred.

    2. Whisk together miso paste, soy sauce, lime zest, lime juice, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil and olive oil.

    3. Toss cabbage with the mixture and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Serve immediately. 



Recipe based on Martha Stewart’s Japanese Cabbage Salad

Photo borrowed from

Makes 4-5 servings


1/2 Head Saku Saku
1 Tbsp Yellow Miso Paste
1 Tbsp Soy Sauce
1 Lime
2 Tsp Rice Wine Vinegar
1 Tsp Sesame Oil
3 Tbsp Olive or Avocado oil

for garnish

Sesame seeds
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