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Transplanting: Zuccurì 

Transplanting: Zuccurì 

This article gives a breakdown of how to successfully transplant Zuccurì into your field or home garden. Our expert, Chris explains the preparation and irrigation needed for your plants to have the best chance at thriving once they are in the ground.  


The Basics:

  • Chris is transplanting 21-day-old Zuccurì that was irrigated two times a day for the first seven days until the seeds broke through the top of the soil. After the seeds broke through, watering was decreased to once a day. For some context, daytime temperatures on his farm in California were in the high 70's. Nighttime temperatures were in the 50's and high 40's. These mild temperatures contributed to very successful germination outdoors.  
  • Mechanical transplanting: It is recommended to wait longer than the initial 21 days Chris waited before hand planting. Give your plants another 10-14 days before you put them into the ground.
  • Hand Planting: Once the first leaves are established and root development in cells is visible, the Zuccurì is ready to be transplanted. Ideally, there should be good moisture in the cells.
  • Preparation: List and square off plant beds as needed and use a pre-plant organic fertilizer prior to transplanting. Chris applied his two weeks before transplanting to give the fertilizer plenty of time to break down. You want to give your fertilizer time to break down into the soil and be readily available to supply nutrients to the plants once they are established. Apply drip tape and pre-irrigate the field prior to transplant. Drip tape should be at least 4-6 inches deep. After pre-irrigating, let your field rest 2-3 days to allow moisture time to settle and disperse in your field
  • Transplanting: Zuccurì should be staged and placed approximately 18 inches apart. PRO TIP: The average tray size is roughly 18 inches in length.  
  • Once the transplants are laid out, take the Zuccurì plants, make a hole, firmly place Zuccurì in hole, and press dirt around the base of the plant.
  • Irrigation: Once the plants are in the ground, check the soil moisture. We want one good, solid irrigation set after Zuccurì is planted, approximately 4-6 hours. Then let your  Zuccurì roots establish themselves and they should do great for the rest of the season. 

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