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Negi Cultivation

Negi Cultivation

In this video, Chris takes us through Negi cultivation and shows us how to get the most out of our Negi crop. We learn the importance of giving Negi attention throughout the growing cycle and Chris shares some great tips.



As you may remember from the Negi Transplanting video, Chris cut a deep ditch in the top of soil and transplanted Negi at the bottom of that ditch. This was done so that the soil could be built back up repeatedly. You should be cultivating and pushing dirt around your Negi shanks multiple times throughout the season. 

When the splitting point of the Negi shank is 3-4 inches above soil, push dirt. Be sure to break up or remove dirt clods because they can hinder growth and straightness of your Negi. We recommended repeating this several times throughout the growing season. 

Negi can grow to 16-18 inches in length. The more you put in, the more you will get out. As your Negi grows upward, you should continue to place more soil at the base. 

Hilling up the soil is very important for Negi because it will keep your Negi shank pearly white and protected. The dirt piling promotes elongation and protects against sun exposure.

Chris’s Pro Tip: To save time and labor in commercial settings and nurture Negi growth take your basic topknife, cut the ends off and weld them up in back. The more height on your back plate, the more soil you will be able to push around your plants. This hack helps to push soil in a commercial setting in the field more efficiently. As your Negi is growing, you want to continue building the soil.

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