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Negi and Turnip Galette

Negi and Turnip Galette

This fall recipe is a new way of making a leek and turnip tart. Japanese vegetables from the Oishii Nippon Project are highlighted in this savory Negi recipe, which can be served warm or at room temperature.

For a twist on a traditional savory galette, Chef Toni Sakaguchi from The Culinary Institute of America uses Negi in place of leeks, pairing sweet Negi with earthy turnips, creamy ricotta and feta cheese. Negi are a staple of Japanese cuisine, and like leeks, have long, sleek white stalks and hollow green tops and a juicy, flavorful layered core like an onion. These Japanese leeks are brought to life with tangy ricotta and zesty lemon. 


Learn more about Negi and other Japanese vegetables on our website. 

This dish was created for the Oishii Nippon Project in collaboration with the Culinary Institute of America. Follow this link for a video demonstration and more ONP recipes. 

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