Sweet Kabù (Brassica rapa)

Days to Maturity 45
Sweet Kabù is a sweet, crunchy salad turnip with silky, pure-white skin. Not only is the fleshy turn edible, but the greens also make for a delicious addition to many meals. Sweet Kabù is easily grown in only 45 days and should be direct-seeded every two inches when sowing. Once the plant breaks the soil, it’s important to keep the plant covered to maintain the health of the foliage. Sweet Kabù is ready to harvest once the bulb reaches two inches in diameter, and can be washed and served immediately.
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Growing Information


  • Direct seeding highly recommended.
  • Sow 1–2 seeds every 2” very shallow, 1/4” deep or less.
  • Over-watering can create a crust-like soil layer, preventing germination. Maintain soil moisture through germination.
  • Do not thin. 


  • Once first true leaves have formed, water 2–3 days per week to promote root growth and foliage elongation.
  • Cultivate planting beds to prevent weed competition and use best management practices for pests.
  • Use of light row cover can prevent foliage damage from flea beetles and other brassica pests. 


  • Approximately 35-45 days from sowing, depending on temperatures.
  • Harvest at approximately 2” in diameter. The root should be visible above the soil surface to evaluate size.
  • Gently pull plants from the base of the stems to harvest. 

Cultivation Schedule

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