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Brassica oleracea var. botrytis

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Fioretto is a bright and balanced hybrid vegetable that is more delicate than standard cauliflower, with a sweeter taste when cooked. The vegetable is composed of long slender stems capped with coral-like florets. Fioretto comes in two varietals, Fioretto 70 for warmer weather and Fioretto 85 for wider variation in climate. Each varietal can be direct seeded, but transplants are recommended. 

For best results Fioretto should be planted no closer than eight inches apart, providing ample space for the leaves of the plant to grow and capture sunlight. Fioretto florets can be harvested when they reach up to eight inches in length, and ready to eat at that time.

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Fioretto Details

Growing Details

70-85 days to maturity


  • Fioretto 70: long-day variety for summer growing (spring planting), 70 days to maturity. 
  • Fioretto 85: best for shorter days (fall planting), 85 days to maturity. 
  • Both grow similarly and can follow the guidelines below.


  • Transplanting required: Sow 1-2 seeds per cell into a 72-cell tray.
  • Ensure cells are completely filled to avoid air pockets.
  • Sow seeds 1/4" deep and cover gently. Avoid pressing firmly as compaction can cause difficulty transplanting.
  • Thin to one plant per cell once established.
  • Over-watering can create a crust-like soil layer, preventing germination. Maintain soil moisture through germination.


  • Check for readiness 30-35 days after germination by gently pulling on the base of the stem to see if roots are established and the soil is held together. 
  • Transplant to 8" spacing, with 18–24” between rows.  


  • Harvest when days to maturity is reached and stem is 6-8” in length.
  • Cut the base of the head and remove smaller stems from the main stalk. 


Fioretto can be used in place of standard cauliflower or broccoli to liven up traditional recipes. This versatile vegetable can be enjoyed raw in salads and slaws, or lightly sauteed for a minute or two to add a touch of golden caramelization.

The long stems lend themselves to dipping, either cooked or raw. 

When roasted, Fioretto becomes delectably tender and combines wonderfully with the flavors of various herbs, spices and other ingredients. The florets also work well for a unique take on tempura, especially paired with lime and sea salt. Try it sauteed, tossed with herbs and parmesan.


In addition to Fioretto’s delightful flavor profile, it’s loaded with vitamins C and B6, potassium and isothiocyanate. Like other cauliflowers, it is also a great source of folate.