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Kansai Mitsuba

Kansai Mitsuba is grown for its aromatic green leaves, which add brightness to any dish.

Cryptotaenia japonica

Kansai Mitsuba is grown for its verdant, aromatic leaves and stems. This Japanese herb is very easy to grow and can thrive even on a sponge in a windowsill. Mitsuba (三つ葉) literally means “three leaves” in Japanese, and the plant can be identified by its thin white stems topped with three green leaves. When grown outdoors, covering the base of the plant with soil will result in blanched white stems – which is often done to make them sweeter.

Cooking with Kansai Mitsuba

Mitsuba can be used raw as a garnish or in salads. Try using in cooked dishes such as:
Ohitashi: add to boiled vegetables such as bean sprouts or spinach, eaten with soy sauce or ponzu and katsuobushi.
Osuimono: dashi-based clear soup.
Note: only add to cooked dishes when the heat is turned off, as overcooking will make it tough and less aromatic.

Growing Details


  • Soak the seeds in water overnight to encourage germination. Sow at 1/2" spacing and 1/4" deep and cover with a thin layer of soil.
  • Maintain moisture and warmth (~70˚F+) through germination.


  • Once established, thin to 1" spacing: remove any plants closer than 1" to allow remaining plants to grow.
  • Three weeks after sowing, thin again to 2-2.5" spacing.


  • Harvest at 6-8" height, leaving 2" from the roots. You can harvest again after cutting if you add fertilizer after harvest.


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