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Meet the Growers: Ken Suzuki of Suzuki Farm

Meet the Growers: Ken Suzuki of Suzuki Farm

Suzuki Farm is located in Delmar, Delaware and has been producing Japanese vegetables for over 40 years.

Nestled right above the border of Maryland, in the town of Delmar, Delaware, an unexpected farm producing world class Japanese Produce has been stewarding the land for over 40 years. Suzuki Farms, rich with history and delicious vegetables, was started in 1983 by Mr. Ken Suzuki. 

Mr. Suzuki has a long history of working within Japanese agriculture, having attended an agricultural high school in his teen years spent in Gamagori, Japan. When Mr. Suzuki came to the United States, he was disappointed to see the lack of Japanese produce available, which led him to create a small home garden. In nurturing these vegetables he was not only growing food, but growing a passion for the art of farming. This garden eventually laid the framework for what is now Suzuki Farms. 

Suzuki farms is the oldest Japanese Vegetable farm on the east coast. They grow many different varieties of Japanese produce, including several Oishii Nippon Project varieties. The Oishii Nippon US team was lucky to work alongside Mr. Suzuki and his business partner Mr. Satoru Tsuda to showcase their passionately cared for produce at the 2023 Japan Village Summer Festival in Brooklyn, New York. We were able to have a brief conversation with him regarding the importance of his work.

Two of Mr. Suzuki’s missions are to offer the best vegetables in the US and to provide his customers with the most delicious produce, and one of them being Zuccurì from the Oishii Nippon Project. He stated that the soft flesh is very delicious when steamed and is naturally flavorful, needing no additional condiments. 

You can find Suzuki Farm’s Zuccurì now at several grocery stores in the tri-state area including Sunrise Mart, Daido, Maruichi, Dainobu, and Mitsuwa, as well as independent distributors such as Veggie Ya and Natoora. They also offer shipping directly from their website for certain items year-round. 

Visit their website to learn more at


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