Growing Tips Growing Tips: Fioretto

This article will walk you through how to grow two different varieties of Fioretto, part of the Brassica oleracea var. Botrytis family. Sometimes known as sweet-sprouting broccoli, stick cauliflower, biancoli, or Karifurore in Japan it is a bright and balanced hybrid brassica with coral-like florets. Our two variants of this vegetable allow for it to be grown all year round. …Read more

Growing Tips Growing Tips: Negi

Today we'll explain how best to grow this perennial vegetable. Negi is a Japanese bunching onion, which is grown very similarly to a leek. Negi is rarely grown outside Japan but is gradually becoming a specialty crop throughout regions of Hawaii and California as a versatile, international ingredient.  …Read more

Recipes Tapa de Shishimai

Once you start eating, you won’t be able to stop. This perfect finger food recipe goes perfectly with beer. …Read more

Recipes Oven Baked Zuccurì

The simplest way to enjoy this new type of chestnut Kabocha squash, and it's moist yet flaky texture. Consider it your new sweet that is sugar and gluten free. …Read more

Growing Tips Growing Tips: Saku Saku

Sweet and oblong shaped, this Japanese brassica can grow up to 14 inches in diameter with big leaves, shallow veins, and a delicate texture that provides a crisp, delicious bite ideal for creating fresh salads and livening up wraps and katsu. In fact, Saku Saku in Japanese means crispy! …Read more
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