Recipes Salmon Carpaccio with Shiraga Negi

"Shiraga" means silver hair in Japanese, as the white part of Negi sliced into immaculate thin strips resembles beautiful silver hair. Leaving Negi strips in water for a few minutes would cause the... …Read more

Recipes Saku Saku Dip Salad

A simple recipe, perfect for your first experience of fresh Saku Saku cabbage. Feel the fresh “Saku Saku” sensation as you bite into this sweet, juicy, crispy cabbage with four different flavors! …Read more

Growing Tips Growing Tips: Shishimai

Learn how to grow this Shishito pepper, which is named after the Japanese version of the lion dance, as the head of the pepper is said to resemble a lion! This seasonally grown sweet and small capsicum is typically grown in the warmer months as flowering temperatures are between 72 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit.  …Read more

Recipes Sweet Kabù and Kumquat Salad

Enjoy this juicy Sweet Kabù salad with sour dressing! Delicate, silky and pure white. …Read more

Growing Tips Growing Tips: Sweet Kabù

Learning how to grow this brassica is very satisfying as almost the entire plant can be eaten (and is delicious in traditional Japanese dishes!) In addition to a juicy, pure-white root, Sweet Kabù has edible leaves/foliage and stem which pickle well. …Read more
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