Growing Tips: How to Plant Your Seeds from ONP

The Oishii Nippon Project is teaching people around the world how to sow, grow, harvest, and cook delicious Japanese vegetables at home, in community gardens and in your local farms near you. In this video, we talk about some of the best practices around how to sow your vegetable seeds, grow the transplants, knowing when your seedlings are ready for transplant, and more. 

Enjoy the video and like Chris quotes, "Proper Preparation Prevents a Poor Performance," so taking the time to learn and do it the right way is always recommended. 

Topics covered in the video include: 

  • Setting up your trays for success
  • Sowing specifics for Zucurrì, Negi, Shishimai, Saku Saku, and Fioretto
  • Germination
  • Indirect watering
  • Manage temperature fluctuations 
  • Knowing when your trays are ready for transplant
  • and pruning Negi


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